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Yantra is a mystical diagram, from the Tantric traditions of the Indian religions. They are used for worship of deities in temples or at home; as an aid in meditation; used for the benefits given by their supposed occult powers based on Hindu astrology. Yantras frequently include mantras written in Sanskrit. Each color in yantra is not artitistic or decorative but is used to denote ideas and inner states of consciousness. The central point of traditional yantras have a bindu or point, which represents the main deity associated with the yantra. Downward pointing triangles on yantra represent feminine aspect of God or Shakti, upward pointing triangles represent masculine aspect such as Shiva. Hexagrams as shown in yantras are two equilateral triangles intertwined, representing the union of male and female aspects of divinity, or Shiva and Shakti. Lotus petals represent purity and transcendence. Concentric circles in the center represent manifestation. Outer square or nested squares represent the earth and the four cardinal directions. We are the suppliers of original(not chinese) gold plated and brass metal yantras and other such mystical products in Mathura.


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  1. Shri Mahalakshmi Yantra

    Shri Maha Lakshmi Yantra is an auspicious yantra, used to appease goddess Lakshmi, the supreme power for wealth and prosperity. This holy yantra, from the holy land of Mathura, of dimension 3*3 inches, will fetch all materialistic comforts in your life.
  2. Shri Durga Bisa Yantra

    Durga Bisa Yantra, is used to propitiate goddess Durga, the divine power of courage and power. This yantra is mostly worshipped during navratras, which helps people to become wealthy and prosperous and conquer the enemies. This metallic yatra will drive away all the evil forces surrounding you and will make you victorious!
  3. Shri Yantra

    Shri Yantra is considered to be the most powerful and effective of all yantras. One who worships shree yantra, is believed to be bestowed with abundance in life in terms of wealth, peace and harmony. He is geared up with positive energy and is capable of facing any tragic situations in life.
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3 Item(s)