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It is very well said that one gets connected to God only when he and his soul actually perceive the divinity of the supreme power. And, it happens only when you read and learn and get to know more and more about God. And, to help you get connect to Lord, we bring forth several interesting, unheard, unknown stories and facts about gods, goddesses and temples. We believe most in divinity and we would love to share our abode of spiritual knowledge with you all !

Some Interesting Facts About Lord Krishna: 1. The name of Yashoda’s daughter and step sister of Lord Krishna, who was exchanged in jail post his birth, was Ekanansha. She is now worshiped as Devi Vindhyavasini. 2. Lord Krishna’s physique was attractive and soft while he was with His gopis, but during war His body was thickset, massive and strong. Same symptoms were believed to be found in Draupadi and Karna as well. 3. At the time of heavenly abode, Krishna neither had a single white hair, nor had any wrinkles on his body. 4. Lord Krishna’s grandmother Marisha and His step mother Rohini were from snake human caste instinct. 5. There is no mention of Radha, beloved of Lord Krishna, in Mahabharat, Vishnupurana, Harivanshpurana and Bhagwatpurana. Her description, however can be seen in Brahmavaivrat , Geet Govid and such other famous books. 6. According to Jainism, Krishna’s paternal brother was Tirthankar Neminath, who was famous as Ghor Angiras in Hindu tradition. 7. Lord Krishna, apart from His last few years, never stayed in Dwarka for more than six months. 8. Lord Krishna completed his formal studies from Sandipani Ashram, in Ujjain in mere few months.