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Pearl, also known as Moti, is a beautiful white gem, used mostly in jewelry. Pearl represents the Moon and symbolizes the cancer zodiac sign. Pearl is known for its quality of pacifying the disturbed mind, maintaining peace and clarity of thoughts. Short tempered people are also recommended to wear this in silver as it nullifies the anger. This magnificent smooth and purest pearl is something you just can’t miss!


We shall provide you with the best and purest quality of Pearl, depending upon your requirement of how much ratti you want. To check its authenticity, we suggest you to take these tests:

1. Minor Imperfections. As noted above, real pearls are only rarely "perfect". Usually, they'll have small blemishes or irregularities in their shape.

2.Sharp Luster. A pearl's luster is part of what makes it so beautiful. Good-quality pearls should have a bright, clear luster that makes them shine when light hits them.

3.Overtone. Good-quality pearls are often prized for their overtones, the subtle color that is visible on their outer surface when light hits them.Rose and ivory are two of the most desired overtones for white pearls.

4.Clues Around The Drill Hole. Pearls on a strand or necklace will usually have holes drilled in them for the string to pass through.
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