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Diamond, the king of all gems symbolizes the planet Venus. Diamond, the most favorite of female segment, possesses the quality of keeping a person physically and mentally fit. It is known to inflict positive effect on sexual and marital life. This extraordinary dazzling diamond is surely irresistible to buy, for you.


Since diamond is the most expensive stone, you should not be fooled with a fake one. Therefore, we shall provide you with the best and purest quality of Diamond. To check its authenticity, we suggest you to take these tests:

1.The Fog Test. Put the stone in front of your mouth and fog it like you would a mirror. If it stays fogged for a couple seconds, it’s probably a fake. A real diamond disperses the heat from your breath instantaneously and won't fog up easily.

2.Refractivity. Diamonds sharply bend, or refract, the light that passes through them, resulting in their strikingly brilliant appearance. Stones like glass and quartz sparkle less because they have a lower refractive index.

3.The Newspaper Method: Turn the stone upside down and place it on a piece of newspaper. If you can read print through the stone, or even see distorted black smudges, then it probably isn't a diamond. A diamond would bend the light so sharply that you wouldn't be able to see the print.

4.The Dot Test: Draw a small dot with a pen on a piece of white paper and place the stone over the center of the dot. Look directly down on it. If your stone is not a diamond, you will see a circular reflection in the stone. You won't be able to see the dot through a real diamond
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