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Red coral or Moonga, represents the planet Mars whose red color signifies courage and valor. Thus, the person wearing Moonga inherits courageousness and perseverance to fight against odd times. It helps in bringing success and stability in life. Also, it is known to alleviate the diseases related to stomach. Add this smooth, deep red shining coral to your shopping cart immediately!


We shall provide you with the best and purest quality of Moonga, depending upon your requirement of how much ratti you want. To check its authenticity, we suggest you to take these tests:

1. Smooth Surface: If you notice through magnifying glass, that there are some granules present on the surface, then it is a fake gem. On the other hand, if the surface is smooth, then it is an authentic Red Coral.

2.Rubbing Test: Take the gemstone and start rubbing or clicking with fingernail. If the gem makes a glass sound, then it is a fake.

3.Milk Test: Take a cup full of milk and put the gemstone inside it for a while. After sometime, if you notice that the color of the milk has changed slightly towards red, then it is definitely an authentic Red Coral.

4.Turmeric Test: Take a piece of raw turmeric and rub the gemstone for a while. If the turmeric turns red, then the gemstone is a fake and if the turmeric remains in the same color, the gem is completely original.

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