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Blue Sapphire


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Quick Overview

Blue sapphire or neelam, is the most effective gemstone, which shows its results immediately over the wearer, to whom it is recommended. It represents the planet Saturn. And, so it leads to king size luck and prosperity. The person wearing neelam is said to become more dynamic and sensible. Our most authentic, sparkling blue sapphire is ready to assure you of more luck and happiness!


Since Neelam is one of the most expensive stones, we do not want you to be duped by seller with fake stone so we shall provide you with the best and purest quality of Blue Sapphire, depending upon your requirement of how much ratti you want. To check its authenticity, we suggest you to take these tests:

1.Comparison With Blue Glass:
Blue glasses can be sold as fake Sapphires. But glass is too shiny, too big and too colorful to be real.

2.Tiny Bubbles:
Fake Sapphires, in general, have tiny bubbles inside where as real sapphires do not possess any such inclusions or bubbles.

Sapphire is one of the hardest stones. So, it does not have any scratches or cracks, or rarely might have a very few but fake sapphires will have scratches over them

4.Yellow Rays: If the stone is genuine, it will not show any yellow rays at the edges when rotated.

5.Transparent: The better and more genuine the stone, the more it is transparent, having no blur images in between
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