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Bespoke and Custom Orders

Our Services are meant to provide the deities, supreme power whom we idolize, with more comfort and luxury than what we seek for selves. Our aim is to serve our Lords with the purest and the best choices of products, which He is known to have been adorned with for ages, unfold in our Upanishads and Puranas.

Divyshringar brings an unprecedented choice of spiritual services and religious products for your deities.


Customized Dresses

If we love wearing pure fabrics according to the climate, be it pure cotton, silk, georgette or chiffon, then why not bring the same comfort to our gods!

We process customized dresses for deities, with options of fabrics and designs never adhered to before.

Here we give you an ample of choices in fabrics, prints and designs which you can opt accordingly.

Fabrics: Pure Cotton, Pure Georgette, Pure Chiffon,Kota Doria, Pure Silk which includes a range of variety; Tussar silk, Chanderi Silk, Maheshwari Silk, Kota Silk and Pure Satin Silk.

Prints: Hand Block Print, Bandhej Print, Leheriya

Organic Dyes: Natural dyed silk, Chandan dyed silk, Kesar dyed silk

Design and Work: Gota Patti, Hand Emroidery, Zari (Zardosi), Banarsi

Our design house where we process such orders, is located in Jaipur.


Apart from serving God, we also aim to serve the skilled but poor people. These are our artisans who put immense efforts day and night, in a challenging environment, to cater to our needs, by cooperating with us with their highly skilled qualities of handwork in prints, paintings, fabric design etc. We encourage them to bring out their art to the world and in turn, provide employment.


Parda or Curtains For Mandir

Use of Parda or curtains , in Hindu temples, emerged as a security measure! Pujaris regulate the curtain in pretext that it wards off evil from the deities.

Though, Banke Bihari Mandir has a different story altogether. It is known that once a princess from Rajasthan , escorted by the Prince of Vrindavan, had come for Bihariji Darshan. She was so lost in love for the Prince that she wanted to stay back with him. Unfortunately, she was coerced by her family to return to her kingdom. Shattered in grief, before leaving, she last visited BankeBihari temple, with immense feeling within. It is said that Bihariji was so touched by her love for him, that He followed her to her kingdom. But when the devotees in Vrindavan later discovered Bihariji missing, the rigorous search started and He was traced at the princess’ kingdom and was brought back to the temple in Vrindavan. Since then, the curtain came in between the Bhakt and the Bhagwan, so that due to the deep love and faith of the devotee, Thakurji is not to compelled to follow him.

It is also believed by some that Pujaris regulate the curtains so that devotee do not take a long look at deities and melt in devotion.

We are the manufacturer of Parda. Our design house is in Jaipur and we design Parda in pure fabrics like Pure Satin or Pure Cotton and traditional designs and work including Hand Embroidery, Gota Work and Gota Patti.



Pichwai is a traditional and very devotional form of art , all about Lord Krishna, which started off in Nathdwara. Pichwais, as the name suggests, “Pich” meaning back and “wais” meaning hanging, are the paintings hung over walls, behind the god’s statue , especially Shrinathji, a child manifestation of Lord Krishna. The purpose of Pichwai is to narrate tales of Lord Krishna, in various forms, moods, attires and postures. Pichwais is a form of intricate hand painting, done over cloth, now on paper also, using natural colors, dyes, hand embroidery, border designing etc. Mirrors, beads and pearls may also be used to add to the glory. The selection of colors is generally bright like red, green, yellow and also gold and silver to further beautify the paintings. Pichwais can also be replicated on silk cloth, which gives it a decent look.


We have a team of artisans in and nearby Jaipur who are experts in this art form, which is becoming extinct. We encourage these artisans to bring out this beautiful Pichwai art to the world and, in turn, help them in their living.